Your personal location tracker


Maybe you're backpacking, and want to give your friends and family a way to know where you are?
Maybe you're travelling somewhere where you're worried for your safety, and want to make it easier for someone to find you if something bad happens.
Maybe you're walking in an area of a city you don't feel comfortable in
Perhaps you want to record your running/cycling?
Or maybe you're just travelling to some friends, and you want to give them a way to see when you'll arrive.

How it works

It's free, and no account/signup is required. Simply install the app (click here) (Android only, I'm afraid).
When it's running, it will update this site with your location, speed, heading, etc.
When you install the app, it creates a random UUID, which is only displayed on your phone.
An example is 157caff5-ae10-4cd1-84ec-794ee4dde531. The URL to view the updates uses the ID.
In our example, the URL would be


The only way for someone to see your location is if you give them your ID/URL.
You're free to change the ID whenever you want if you want to "reset" who can see your location.
The app only sends updates when you enable GPS on your phone


Configurable update frequency, allowing you to choose to save battery, or have more frequent updates.
Each update packet is only 48 bytes, so it won't use much of your data allowance.


Android device, with GPS, and network connectivity

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